In the winter of 2009/10, in the middle of a record snowstorm,  I started my first WordPress website.
Since then I’ve learned HTML, CSS, and Javascript from sites like CodeSchool, and through brute force trial and error. I’ve worked with CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation, and I’ve used these skills to make interactive HTML prototypes for my design work.
I’m the author of a book called How to GIMP that teaches the basics of using the Gnu Image Manipulation Program, an open source photo editing program.

I’ve taken photography classes at Santa Monica College in Santa Monica, CA. You can see some examples of my photography here.

In the winter of 2012/13 I completed a 12 week course in User Experience Design from General Assembly in Washington, DC.
I’ve used these skills to design logos (original S2Hub logo and promotional materials), re-work the presentation of complex information (Robophilosopher timeline design), and create a custom UI for a 3D modeling game aimed at kids 8-14 years old (3Scape creative UI).

Most recently, I designed and implemented a 3D mini-game within the 3Scape framework.